Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This and That

Last week was exciting for my husband because he got to go to Costa Rica and fish but I enjoyed my "me" time. Got to hang out with friends, go see a chick flick, and eat at my favorite resturants. I also spent ample time at craft stores. Hehe. I finished up my Halloween wreath, which I will eventually take a picture of, maybe closer to October. I've gone a little crazy with the Halloween card buying this year. I told myself I was only going to buy them for a couple of people, but that pledge didn't last long and thus I've spent way too much $$$ on cards. Next year I'm going to make them myself. I've also bought Pepsi her pumpkin Halloween costume which she is going to be adorable in and I've decided to be Sookie Stackhouse the barmaid. Gosh I really love this holiday. Speaking of Sookie, I'm on the 9th book. I want to kick myself for spending $26 on a hard back but I need my fix! I also got the first Harry Potter and the first book of another Charlaine Harris series. I'm stoked to start reading them!

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